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shinlalala's News

Posted by shinlalala - February 15th, 2024

Hey everyone, I finally made my discord server if anyone wanna join : https://discord.gg/cN39haMUd8

I hope to see you there. ;)


Posted by shinlalala - May 12th, 2023

Update on Clover's Space Beat

Ok, so after a bit of feedbacks, I noticed a lot of people found the good range for beats to be too narrow and the game to be offbeat.

The game is available on Newgrounds or Itch.io.

1- Better range

To remedy this, I changed the range for the beat to be 150ms after and before the beat, so it should be much easier to keep the rhythm.

2- Offset configuration

I also added a submenu that adds an option to offset the beat if you ever have some latency or for personal comfort :

It's just inside the level 1 menus, called "Offset cfg"


Here you have a simple beat loop you can train on and configure the offset while you try it.


Don't hesitate to give me more feedback.


Posted by shinlalala - May 1st, 2023

News on Clover's Space Beat :

Dialogues :

I'm 100% done with dialogues, they all have been implemented. Here's a teaser of some lewd scene:



The new title card.

Now, what EXACTLY is there left to do ?

Almost nothing. To be honest, most of my working since the last post have been animation, recordings and extra stuff. So I don't want to spoil too much to let you have the fun.

Here's what's left to do

  • Final boss : I'm working on his patterns, it's the longest level, so it might take some time.
  • Difficulty balancing : The hardest part, making the levels fair. It's going to go through a lot of testing with friends.
  • Recordings : We did a good chuck of it, there's still a bit more to do.
  • User manual : Yeah, I wanted to do this funny extra stuff for players. Giving off a retro vibe to the whole project.
  • Medias : Screenshots, animated gifs, trailer, internet pages. Everything for communication and reach for my game.

Here's a preview of the manual :


And after all of this, we'll finally be done!

I'll finally finish this game, I'm so hyped about it.

So expect to see it coming out in a few weeks!



Posted by shinlalala - December 6th, 2022

News on Clover's Space Beat :

Story :

Ok, so I've been working a lot on dialogues lately. I did something I'm mostly proud of. It still needs some tweaks and stuff, but it's getting there. The difficulty for me being that English is not my mother tongue. I get help from my english speaking friends.



Clover's blushing a lot.

I did the expressions for all 4 characters.


Every hero needs a rest.


Just an in game screen of Clover using the sword attack of his ship.

You have to use it in rhythm.


Making things clear, that's important.

Now, what EXACTLY is there left to do ?

Just like in the first post, kind of a lot, but not much actually.

I tried to be more precise for it, I have spreadsheet with everything that needs to be done, so here's a list :

  • Animated CGs : Just as I said before, I wanna make fully animated "special scenes" this takes a lot of time. Gotta be patient. And of course, I'll have to implement those in the game.
  • Voice clips : I'm gonna dub some quick expressive lines for the characters and some erm... More in depth lines for "special scenes". I have a friend of mine who's a very good dubbing actor helping me with those as he's gonna do Miller, the Colonel and Dr Deadbeat. Here's his Newgrouds page, check it out : https://sprung.newgrounds.com
  • Unlockables : It's around 50% done, I just need to finish the bonuses you unlock in the game.
  • Level Deisgn : I kinda did a lot of levels, but still need to do balancing. Also I need to do the final boss, this might take some time.

This might be a bit more than I originally said, but well, I was too optimistic haha.

That being said, I'd say the game is 85% done.

That's all for today's news, stay tuned.



Posted by shinlalala - November 24th, 2022

Hey guys, just wanted to show you a bit more of what I did overall on the game without spoiling too much.

News on Clover's Space Beat :


The lobby, that's where you can speak to Miller, select your missions and manage options.


7 Missions in total, with a medal system if you reach a certain score on each level. For now, the target score is not done, but it will unlock some bonuses.


Options menu, I tried to make it the best I could. So I can reuse it for later projects.

I want to show you a little bit of CGs I did for the game, but don't want to spoil too much. Just know that there's gonna be a lot of lewd stuff animated fufufu.


At least here's the intro.

And as a preview here's a close up of Clover after he ate a cheese cake so good he abandons himself to ecstasy :


Also, check out this song I made for the game : Clover's OST - Those from space

Anyway, stay tune for what's next, right now I'm mostly working on the CGs.


Posted by shinlalala - November 18th, 2022

Oh waow, I'm an idiot, I didn't even know I could do text posts on my profile lmao...

Anyway, so I've been working a game since a long time (not because it's massive, just because I was lazy + lack of time + ill and various other life stuff). And I wanted to show you all what's it about and use the news here as devlogs.

/!\ This game contains sexually explicit content, therefore it's 18+ /!\

Clover's Space Beat

This will be a NSFW rhythm shoot em up game with VN-like dialogues. Now that's a lot of genres.

Here's what it looks like :




You control a mouse dance soldier named Clover and with the help of your buddy Miller, you are sent to defeat an evil doctor who wants to enslave the people of the stellar system under a no music government.

In your ship, the Beat Striker, you have to attack in rhythm to the song to destroy the robots enemies. You have two attacks : a laser that gets stronger the more in rhythm you are, and a sword that slices all around you.

-It has 7 levels in total, each with a different song composed by me (yeah, I'm trying myself at music). One guest song was composed by my friend Lunrae (check out his twitter, he's a pretty good artist too : https://twitter.com/Lunrae).

-There's gonna be dialogues in between levels, maybe resulting in some "special" events.

-If you reach a certain score in each levels, you unlock a few bonuses. (Also, if you're really freaking bad at the game and still wanna see what it has to offer, there's a way to cheat, but shhhhh, I didn't say anything).

-It will be available for Windows, HTML5 and Linux if I'm not lazy. But also Android, the game originally started mainly as a phone game, so the controls have been finely tuned so that it's nice to play on this platform. And no, not on Iphone, fuck Apple.

-Also, in case you were wondering, the two main characters are guys.

Development so far :

Right now, I'm almost finished with the game. I've done all the systems, the music, the art, the menus, the gameplay, etc.

Here's what's left to do :

  • The story : I wrote about 50% of the dialogues, it's a pretty non serious simple story. It's quick to write, I just need to be inspired to continue. Also some friends help me for corrections and stuff, so this might take a little bit of time.
  • The illustration and animated NSFW scenes : Yes, I'm doing fully animated NSFW scenes... Cause that's my gimmick, gotta do it.
  • The level design : It's pretty easy to, but since it's a rhythm game, I wanna make the enemy spawn not random, so it can take a bit of time to do it for all the levels.

So there you have the first devlog. I'll probably upload some musics to show you what I did, a trailer and all.

Also on a quick end note : I've spent most of my time making it slickly clean and perfect. Especially for menus, dialogue boxes, save system, etc. All to make a very solid... Errr... Engine ? I guess (in Game Maker). But all this work for a tiny game wasn't made for the kicks of it, I will reuse all of the code for future projects. Meaning I'll spend less time doing menus and stuff, and more time doing actual content.